WeeOnes Lil Dog Spa

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Please enjoy the pictures of our guests


Meet Lucy the poodle.  Lucy is a rescue who found her forever home with a very loving family.  She is a beautiful little girl

Layla came to see me on Christmas Eve 2013. She is a sweet Maltese with a beautiful "smile"

Greetings from Sadie!! She is all Yorkie with a full coat. Sadie is recovering from knee surgery and is one tough little "cookie"
Say hello to Buddy.  He is the resident "wee" one.  Buddy is a Maltese and is kept in a long show coat that drags on the ground.  Buddy is my constant companion.  He is all boy and keeps watch over all the grooming at WeeOnes.  He resides with "his kitty" Tabitha a 13 year old short haired Persian.  Tabitha was a rescue from the local animal shelter.  Her former owner died.  Tabitha was at the shelter for 6 months before we found each other.
Lizzy is all girl.  She is a Yorkie and is left in a long coat.  She lives with her best friend Bo.  Both Bo and Lizzy love the garden music played at their spa sessions and they have even been known to fall asleep on the grooming table.
If you want your "wee" one to be as cool as Buddy, call today to schedule a spa appointment